Are Your Animals Covered by Insurance?

Make sure they are with cattle or dairy insurance in Lubbock, TX

A lot of hard work goes into maintaining your Lubbock, TX livestock farm. Feeding your animals, maintaining the barns and grooming the land are all important parts of making your business a success. Don't put it all at risk without having proper dairy or cattle insurance.

Bednarz & Associates Insurance Agency provides livestock farms with insurance policies that suit their owner's needs. If you have dairy cows, beef cattle or other animals, let us offer you the coverage you need.

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What's covered by our insurance policies

It's vital to protect your assets when you operate a farm of any kind. When you get a dairy or cattle insurance policy, you receive coverage for:

Livestock | Feedlots | Silos | Barns | Houses

Choose Bednarz & Associates Insurance Agency to protect your property with cattle and dairy insurance. Visit our Lubbock, TX office today to talk about your needs.